Each lifetime membership only cost $4.99 which you will be paying forward for the members you sale to.  You will pass your first 2 sales up to your sponsor (A & B). This qualifies you to keep the remaining sales, starting with the next 2 (C & D).  You will get an Instant Commission Rebate of $4 from C & D for a total of $8. Then the fun begins.

Once you have PIF'd your 4, you will earn sales from your entire network. You will keep every A & B from all sales PIF's passed to you. This will earn you massive $4 commission payments over and over. But that is not the only way the system works.

Your sponsor will keep advertising to help out their network. Once your sponsor has their 4 people they PIF'd then the rest will spill over to the next member in their network who does not have 4 members to PIF. This will keep your network continuosly growing along with your income from sales. This is never ending income growth for those that keep participating in the PIF system structure.

Your network and you are working together to make sales. No one person is ever working by themselves. Not even someone who just joined and became an affiliate of the site.

The purpose of the PIF 2up forced spillover structure is to put a complete end to the guess work of online Network Marketing. PIF4Four is not structured to make you rich. It is structured to help new and old marketers make some kind of positive consistent income that has eluded them for years. To finally see some kind of achievement instead of always being on the short end of the stick. Join us today and let's start your new beginning!